Minecraft – Advanced Custom Commands Map

Advanced Custom Commands Map Minecraft Version 1.11 Map Version 1.0

Advanced Minecraft is a custom command creation to make minecraft more interesting and exciting. This command will allow you to find and discover new mobs, dungeons, structures, items and more! It also allows you to craft your own items. This command also hardens the game a little bit because of these new mobs.

As always, I’m always happy to see others playing my stuff. It also lets me see any potential exploits and/or bugs. If anyone makes a video leaving me a link would be highly appreciated. You can do that in the comments on this page OR here to get featured on the official website for this creation!


t is very easy to install this creation!

Just follow the steps below!

  • 1. Copy the structures folder in the file you just downloaded.
  • 2. Create a new world in minecraft or open an old one
  • 3. Navigate to your minecraft/saves folder
  • 4. Open the world saves folder with the name as the world you want to put this creation into
  • 5. Paste the structures folder into that saves folder.
  • 6. Open up minecraft and go into that world and type /give @p structure_block
  • 7. Place the strucutre block, switch it to save mode, and type “Advanced Minecraft”
  • 8. Click load and wait for the white lines to pop up ingame showing where the mod pack will be installed.
  • 9. Click load again and you just installed the creation!
  • 10. Flip the “Enable” switch on the creation that just spawned in to turn it on.

You’re done!

Now go enjoy yourself!

Credit(s): MADOGDOG

Download - Minecraft – Advanced Custom Commands Map

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