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Minecraft – Abandoned Horror Map

Abandoned Horror Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

Abandoned: Demo Version is a minecraft psychological horror map where you have to collect notes and find hidden keys to unlock doors leading to the completion of the map.

Without events from the past, the unknown protagonist, whom the player controls, suddenly awakens into a dark forest with a flashlight on his hands.

There is only one path which leads to an abandoned hotel, where the player has to search for notes and hidden keys to continue, and solve cryptic puzzles to reach the completion of the map.

The player while playing, will expirience supernatural occurrences and situations, while he’s searching for notes and keys. This means that he has to avoid taking risks while something strange is happening, especially in weird and non-sensical places.

The only actions the player can use are walking, collecting notes or keys and opening or closing his flashlight. The key of completing the map, is to obey your senses. Please make sure to install optifine before start playing. (OPTIFINE IS REQUIRED)

Hint: The player can also mix all the information he was given throughout the gameplay, making new theories and speculation to solve the real mystery behind the map.

(please make sure you have higher than the minimum specs given to you down below in order to run the map normally with no bugs) Minimum Specs: CPU: Intel Core i5, GPU: nVidia Geforce GTX 730 or higher.


Download - Minecraft – Abandoned Horror Map

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