Minecraft – 2×2 Parkour Map

2×2 Parkour Map for minecraft Version 1.16.3

Welcome to 2^3 by Haliculus.

This parkour map takes place entirely inside one large cube, there are 8 stages of varying difficulty.

The main focus of this map is to test your pathfinding skills – as the course can get rather convoluted. And to see how compact parkour can get.

This map should give you 10-20 minutes of gameplay depending on your own skill. But don’t let that small number fool you, as this map has some pretty challenging jumps!

Playing competitively is more fun than playing alone, so why not play with a friend? If you don’t have any, you can always time yourself, can you beat my time of 11min, 25sec?

One last thing, this is my first ever Minecraft map I’ve made, so please feel free to comment tips for me and other budding map makers!


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