Minecraft – 16 Shades of Banther Parkour Map

16 Shades of Banther Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.0

16 levels for 16 colors.. Who doesn’t love rainbows? You probably won’t after you play this map.

16 Shades of Banter was built by HuntmanJ with help from Musical_Cookie.

This map represents my desire to make more seamless maps and longer maps.

Since it was built by HuntmanJ, notorious for maps such as Simply Parkour, Preston’s Parkour, and Simply Pete’s Parkour, you know the level of difficulty the jumps will be.

Helpful tips: Play with a friend! I give you some great resources to make the map that much more fun. Start with the white level.

The beacons will light up clockwise depending on which level you are currently on.

Collect the 16 Easter Eggs hidden throughout the map (1 per level) All jumps are possible, but some are incredibly difficult, if you find yourself getting stuck in a certain spot, go ahead and set a spawnpoint, or skip the jump entirely if you wish.


Download - Minecraft – 16 Shades of Banther Parkour Map

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