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Milwaukee Road EMD SD7/9/10 Pack Transport Fever 2

Welcome to the Next pack in the EMD Special Duty Series the Milwaukee Road SD Pack!
Just like my other SD packs this is a heavily edited and upgraded Urban Games GP7 model.

Under the wrapping
– 3 different SD types
– 7 Different road numbers.
– SD7 – #’s 514 & 517
– SD9 – #’s 535 & 540
– SD10 – #’s 543, 549 & 556
– All road numbers have a corresponding non-crew unit long and short hoods! (NC).
– Just for knowledge just how they are listed in the ingame menu as the below.
– SHF- Short Hood Forward
– LHF- Long Hood Forward
– Model Citizen Couplers.
– Sound by Mr. Cheesecake.
– Textures by Ponga.
– 4 camera angles from the cab- they are relatively close to each other.


Date of Appearance – 1954
Speed – 65MPH


Tractive Effort – 75,000 Lbs
Horsepower- 1,500
Weight- 170 Tons.


Tractive Effort – 77,500 lbs
Horsepower – 1,750
Weight – 180 Tons


Tractive Effort – 80,000 Lbs
Horsepower – 1,850
Weight – 198 Tons

What else is going on?

Coming up soon will be the Union Pacific SD7 Pack, The Southern Pacific SD pack, Burlington Northern/ BNSF Pack, and to I think end the SD series for me will be the Baltimore and Ohio pack. After I can make the some of the files available for others to create their own roads to share with the community. From there I plan on dabbing back into the GP’s and then likely back into early American Steam. Will be a bit of time before that though. Enjoy the the MILW SD Pack! Big Thanks to Ponga for the texture work to keep me going on the modeling side, Meatball for a few part, Mr.Cheesecake for the usage of his sound pack, & Lskeetskeet for the great screens to show these loco’s off!

Credits: Neighbor Kid, Ponga

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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