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Mav Uacs 932 Transport Fever 2

Mav Uacs 932 Cement Waggon mod for Transport Fever 2.

Four-axled, top-emptied powder transporter railcar with four tanks

On lines belonging to MÁV Hungarian Railways, Pultrans Vasúti Szállítmányozási (Railway Transport) Ltd. is responsible for transporting powdered materials.

The Uacs 932 tank railcar is able to transport 48 cubic meters of cement, ground-chalk, aluminium oxide, ash, powdered limestone, calcium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, zeolite or rock salt.

The Uacs 932 railcars were manufactured in Hungary. There are more than 100 of them in use in Hungary today.

Realistic, detailed model
Realistic, detailed bogies
4 paintjob variations
Dirt and rust paint
Realistic sounds
Added menu

Technical details:
Maximum length: 13260.0 mm
Maximum width: 2800.0 mm
Empty weight (approx): 24,5 tons
Laden weight (approx): 55,5 tons
Capacity: 4 x 12 cubic meters
lifespan: 20 year
Available: 1964

Credits: krisz04

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