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Mafia 2 – Spiff’s Empire Bay Hq (1.1)

Spiff’s Empire Bay Hq (1.1) for Mafia 2. Mafia II. In many’s opinions, it’s the pinnacle of story telling, and holds a sacred place in the hearts of many. No matter how timeless the...


Mafia 2 – Casual Combat Dress

Casual Combat Dress for Mafia 2. A simple mod doesn’t need a complex description. This mod recolors the army green combat dress to something a little more friendly to the everyday citizen of Empire Bay....


Mafia 2 – Cops Mod/Collection

Cops Mod/Collection for Mafia 2. This is a collection of scripts/mods, plugins and trainers. This is meant to have all the basic tools needed for roleplay in Mafia 2, primarily the police, hence the...