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Best Mafia 2 Mods Download

Mafia 2 – Unused High Quality Taxi Interior

Unused High Quality Taxi Interior for Mafia2. Unused high quality taxi interior was brought back to the game. Installation is very simple – go to your game’s directory, put given files to game files directory, merge all folders and click Yes when it asks you.

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Mafia 2 – Moscardo AS37

Moscardo AS37 for Mafia 2. A cut vehicle Moscardo AS37 Im sending my regards to T3mas1 and agens for helping me with this vehicle. Installation: Merge folders pc and edit and then go to edit/materials and run MafiaIIMaterialsMerger.exe

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Mafia2 – New Speedometer & Crosshair (Mod Pack)

New Speedometer & Crosshair (Mod Pack) for Mafia 2. This mod pack contains BOTH of the New Speedometer mod AND the Better Crosshair mod. Version 1.2 – Fixed the thick crosshair a little bit Version 1.1 – Fixed crosshair Version 1.0 – The mod pack was created Install: Navigate your …

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Mafia 2 – Spiff’s Empire Bay Hq (1.1)

Spiff’s Empire Bay Hq (1.1) for Mafia 2. Mafia II. In many’s opinions, it’s the pinnacle of story telling, and holds a sacred place in the hearts of many. No matter how timeless the story is, the graphics on the other hand, are not. This mod aims to fix that. …

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Mafia 2 – Mission Timer Limits Removed Main Story Including Dlc’s All 3

Mission Timer Limits Removed Main Story Including Dlc’s All 3 for Mafia 2. Initial Release. Replace C:\\<mafia2>\\PC\\SDS\\Tables\\tables.sds with the one in this archive. Will overwrite any replaced tables.sds that is there. Works in Main Story, Joes Adventure, Betrayal of Jimmy, Jimmy’s Vandetta. Doesn’t actually remove the time limit. But gives …

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Mafia 2 – Casual Combat Dress

Casual Combat Dress for Mafia 2. A simple mod doesn’t need a complex description. This mod recolors the army green combat dress to something a little more friendly to the everyday citizen of Empire Bay. This mod includes an OD Green panted outfit (replacing the Service Dress) and a Beige panted …

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