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Best Mafia 2 Mods Download

Mafia 2 – Gaz 3110 Volga 1999

Gaz 3110 Volga 1999 car for Mafia 2. Advantages of modification: – Correct seat position – Correct collision – High-quality interior Replacement: Lassiter 69 (Also works in winter)

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Mafia 2 – Tommy Angelo Taxi Mod

The original machine of mafia 1, accounting for the Empire Bay has its own kolizija, the hands on the handlebar character all characters correctly in the car sit, available in summer and winter, not tuning workshop. Replace SDS: Shubert_34.sds,shubert_34_z.sds

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Mafia 2 – Chevrolet Bel Air 1957 Car Mod

Envelope from GTA SA, GTA IV, Author of conversion: agens Installation please read the ReadMe file. Features:-two versions of machines (rusty and whole), quality 3D models, its conflicts, working steering wheel, hands on the wheel,-working janitors,-improved reflection in the mirrors, customized vinyl, installation, tuning-not a big Pack of wheels for …

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Mafia 2 – Skoda Favorit 135L

Skoda Favorit 135L car mod for Mafia 2. Mod contains: New model with destructible parts New engine sounds New wheels made special for this car Custom parameters of car (realistic capacity of the car’s fuel tank, weight etc) Replace: Culver Empire (only summer version) Cars Universal file (for engine sounds …

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Mafia 2 – Skoda Favorit Typ 782 Sedan

Skoda Favorit Typ 782 Sedan mod for Mafia 2. 1986 Škoda Favorit Typ 782 Sedan Prototype from 1986. Made for Mafia 2 inspired by prototype from Museum of Škoda Mladá Boleslav. Replace Lassiter 69 Features: Wheels from real prototype (optional to install) 1 color body New collisions Smaller wheels than …

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