Mafia 2

Mafia 2 – Toolkit

Toolkit mod for Mafia2.

This toolkit is for Mafia 2 and will hopefully house a lot more tools. The toolkit can already read most information but for now, has been disabled due to it not being fully tested and developed.

For now, this tool allows users to edit the “FrameResource” file. This means you can move around map objects, lighting, models, etc. The “Material Libraries” called “defaultXX.mtl” can also be edited, allowing users to improve textures, like adding normal textures and other properties.

To keep more up to date, I would recommend following this repository on GitHub, and join the discord here.

More tools will include: – Editing Actors

– Editing Collisions

– A full workflow from the toolkit > to 3DS Max > toolkit > Mafia 2.

– And much more

More information is here, on MafiaScene.

Please note, the model exporter is not available yet, and still in development. I’ve just added photos to show you the progress.


The latest version fixes and includes many new things, including saving FrameNameTables, and swapping to an “INI” file instead of the “exe.config”.

  • Fixed exe.config, swapped to “INI” setup.
  • Fixed opening an SDS. It will now save the recently opened path.
  • Added “bounding box” property to “FrameObjectDummy”.
  • Added FrameNameTable parsing and saving.
  • Added an option to delete objects from the map.

With the new update, you should be “FrameNameTable data” on certain frame object types like “Dummy”, “Frame” and “SingleMesh”. If this data is enabled, it will be saved into the new FrameNameTable.

When wanting to delete objects from the map, right click on the mesh, and click “Delete”. This will remove the object, so they can’t be seen, but not the geometry or materials.


Unzip the archive, and read the “Quick Guide”; A guide on GitHub will become available soon.

Credits: Greavesy

Download Mafia 2 – Toolkit -


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