Mafia 3 – Black Flak Vest With Punisher Tanktop

Black Flak Vest With Punisher Tanktop for Mafia 3. This is not vengeance. Revenge is not a valid motive, it’s an emotional response. No, not vengeance. Punishment. Install: Place the contained  “sds_retail” folder into your main Mafia 3 directory. (It will replace the archive “3621838334-he_vest_000.sds”…

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Mafia 3 – Real Italians

Real Italians mod for Mafia 3. Gang Vito takes 2nd place in the city. But at the same time his people have no beards and mustaches. This mod adds facial hair to the Vito gansters….

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Mafia 3 – Sit Down Save

Sit Down Save for Mafia 3. For people who want to play game or DLC contents without play from beginning. 100% junction box (without sinclair parish) 100% collectable ( without vargas paint / repent )…

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Mafia 3 – Realistic AK47 And .357 Magnum Sound Mod

Realistic AK47 And .357 Magnum Sound mod for Mafia3. Replaces the .357 magnum (Masterson Phoenix) and AK47 (Pasa AR30) with more realistic sounds. Install: Place all files in: Mafia III/sds_retail/weapons You should back up original…

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Mafia 3 – No Enemy Blips

No Enemy Blips mod for Mafia3. This removes the enemy blips from the minimap. I always thought it made the game absurdly easy, just like in far cry games when they’re enabled, so this makes…

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Mafia 3 – Reapers Misc. Difficulty Tweaks

Reapers Misc. Difficulty Tweaks mod for Mafia3. I recommend using this with my no enemy blips mod. Some minor difficulty tweaks such as: Player takes 2x damage on hard. All services cost money now (money…

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Mafia 3 – Player Model Changer

Player Model Changer mod for Mafia3. Mafia 3 Player Model Changer by jedijosh920 This mod allows you to play as any character model in Mafia 3. The models are defined in “SpawnProfiles.txt” (Name,Hash) You can…

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Mafia 3 – S.H.I.E.L.D. Tank Top (1960’s Inspired Old Logo)

S.H.I.E.L.D. Tank Top (1960’s Inspired Old Logo) mod for Mafia 3. A simple but badass reskin mod for all Marvel fans out there Drag and drop the 3542442041-he_undershirt_001 file into MafiaIII/sds_retail/combinables/auto_unique

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