Mafia 3 – Teleports Linclon Clay between districts


Mafia 3 Teleport Script. Teleports Linclon Clay between districts.

To jump between the districts use the following keys;

3: Frisco Fields

4: Pointe Verdun

5: Tickfaw Harbour

6: French Ward

7: Downtown

8: Barclay Mills

9: Delray Hollow

0: River Row

n: Southdowns

m: Bayou Fantom

The keys are not “Numpad Keys” so there is no problem running trainer while using this script.

Required ScriptHook

Install: Copy the .lua file into the scripts folder in your Mafia III directory (Default for steam is C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Mafia III\scripts).

Credits:B a b a R a w

File Details:576 B / ZIP
Download - Mafia 3 – Teleports Linclon Clay between districts

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