Mafia 3 – ScriptHook

mafia3hookscript-luascriptLua and Library Scripthook for Mafia 3 allowing you to run your own code in Mafia 3. Edit Mafia 3 lua files.

Simply create a lua script or use the ExampleDLL to create your plugin and start creating yor mod. The Library Scripthook features a hooking library to find pattern, patch function calls/jumps with your own, overwriting opcodes/functions etc.

List of all available commands follows in the next few hours, meanwhile you can tryout Mafia2’s scripting commands as they don’t have really changed.

Mafia 3 Script Hook is completly open source and can be found at

If you want to reload Lua scripts while being in the game, simply press F1 and all Lua scripts in side the scripts/folder will reload.

Install: Copy files to Mafia 3 Main folder. Run M3ScriptHookLauncher.exe once the game has started.

Credit(s): MartinJK

Download - Mafia 3 – ScriptHook

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