Mafia 3

Mafia 3 – KNG Toggle Minimal HUD


removes some hud elements like: speedometer, radar, areainfo, actionbuttoninfo, rear view mirror etc. keeps distance indicator to quest target, gps arrow things etc.

Required ScriptHook


  1. download and extract archive
  2. copy KNGToggleMinimalHUD.lua from extracted archive to YourMafia3Directoryscripts
  3. Start Mafia 3 + Mafia 3 ScriptHookLauncher
  4. Simply press F1 to toggle the minimal HUD ON/OFF


  1. delete KNGToggleMinimalHUD.lua in YourMafia3Directoryscripts
  2. done


  1. open KNGToggleMinimalHUD.lua in notepad / notepad++
  2. line 12-19
  3. line 24-31
  4. use comment to deactivate / activate specific hud element i.e. Radar: line 12, 24 use comment like this:


Credits: KNGR

File Details:728 B / ZIP
Download Mafia 3 – KNG Toggle Minimal HUD -


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