Mafia 2

Mafia 2 – Change Car Color Lua Script


Car Color Changer Script. Change Car Color for Mafia 2.

This script requires you to take action after you have activated it with the function key:

  • Press 1 to turn your car red.
  • Press 2 to turn your car purple.
  • Press 3 to turn your car lime green.
  • Press 4 to turn your car dark green.
  • Press 5 to turn your car pink.
  • Press 6 to turn your car cream.
  • Press 7 to turn your car emerald green.
  • Press 8 to turn your car indigo blue.
  • Press 9 to turn your car white.
  • Press 0 to turn your car light pink.

Need Lua Injector Program download.

Credits: Draconio
Test: This mod tested by

File Details:322 Bytes / ZIP
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