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LSWR Beattie Well Tank Transport Fever 2

The LSWR 0298 or Beattie-Well-Tank is a small 2-4-0 well tank loco built by Beyer Peacock co. between 1863 and 1875 designed for suburban passenger trains in London. The original 85 locomotives were cabless, and in the late 1800’s all but three were scrapped, those three eventually being fitted with cabs and making their way down to Cornwall to work the Bodmin and Wenfordbridge china clay line and do so until their withdrawal in 1962.

So whats in the mod?
5 variants of the Beattie Well Tank:
– Cabless
– SR Green
– BR Black
– BR No. 30585
– BR No. 30587

Full user colours
full customised soundset
Full dirt mapping

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Credits: SteveM4

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