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LNWR DX Goods 0-6-0 Transport Fever 2

This mod contains four different versions of the LNWR DX Goods freight engine – a cabless version, one with a weather board, and one with a full cab, as well as the later ‘Special’ DX, which was a rebuild and also used on passenger services.

All of the variants are available in both green and a generic black goods livery.

All models have full tinting, aging, reversing versions and placeable rail assets, and all variants are compiled into a single group menu to avoid depot list clutter.

LNWR DX Goods 0-6-0 (Cabless and weather board variants)
Available 1858-1930
Top Speed: 56 kmh
Power: 350kw
Traction: 51kn
Weight: 57t

LNWR DX Goods 0-6-0 (Cab variant)
Available 1870-1930
Top Speed: 64 kmh
Power: 400kw
Traction: 51kn
Weight: 57t

LNWR ‘Special’ DX 0-6-0
Available 1881-1930
Top Speed: 84 kmh
Power: 500kw
Traction: 70kn
Weight: 60t

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Credits: Gr1m

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