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Lner W1 Hush-Hush Transport Fever 2

In 1929, Sir Nigel Gresley tried to design a steam locomotive with a marine boiler. It was a reasonable experiment, and worked well, however, it was not to be. The engine was converted in 1935 to a A4 looking design, and then crashed

The ‘Hush Hush’ was Britains only STANDARD GAUGE 4-6-4 TENDER locomotive, and also was nicknamed the galloping sausage.

This pacc includes:
1929 experimental 4-6-4 ‘Hush Hush’ in grey.
1931 production W1 4-6-4 in Apple Green (fictitious, but planned)
1935 rebuilt W1 4-6-4 in Garter Blue (other liveries may become available in the future)

FULLY RECOLOURABLE! You can have any colour W1, even purple.

Speed: 70 mph
Powah: 2450 hp
T/E: 31,000 lb/f

Experimental: 1929 – 1935
Production: 1931 – 1959
Rebuild: 1935 – 1959

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: SteveM4

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