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LNER Gresley P2 2-8-2 Transport Fever 2

So I had like 60% of the meshwork and 80% of the texturework from the A4 mod that could be recycled into a P2.

Note that the P2 doesn’t include randomised nameplates – given there’s only, what, 6, 7 names for the class, I felt it would cause a lot of repeated names if anyone decided to use any decent amount of these.

LNER P2 in 4 liveries across 2 variants.
Liveries include LNER Green, LNER Wartime Black, BR Blue & BR Green.
Pre- and post-war variants with side covers included/removed where suitable.
Full aging and recolour support. Detailed dirt and rust accumulates as the engine ages.
Engines are sorted in a single depot menu to reduce purchase menu clutter.
Reverse variants of all included engines.
Small file size (~60mb) and .dds compressed textures, to help with load speed.
Lods to reduce GPU load (Meshes are ~ 38k tris as well – should be potato PC-friendly)
Placeable rail assets (also with lods) allowing placement of the full engine, or just the tender or locomotive if you wish.
Moddable engine numbers – edit the number of the train and the number will display on the side of the locomotive.

1936 (LNER Green, early variant)
1939 (Wartime Black, both variants)
1945 (LNER Green, late variant)
1948 (BR Blue and BR Green, late variant)
Available until 1967
Top Speed: 120 kph
Power: 2500kW
Tractive Effort:193kN
Weight 191t

Credits: Green Ranger (aka Gr1m)

Download Link #1

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