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LNER Gresley A1 & A3 Pacifics Transport Fever 2

Same deal as with the A4 – the vanilla version was overdue for a replacement, so I finally got around to making one. Gresley’s famous A1 and A3 Pacifics, made most famous by good old Flying Scotsman.

LNER A1 in 2 liveries
LNER A1 liveries include LNER green and LNER wartime black.
LNER A3 in 4 liveries across 4 variants.
Liveries include LNER Green, LNER Wartime Black, BR Blue & BR Green.
Tender variants include two tender variants – GNR style tender and an LNER corridor tender.
Engine variants include two dome styles, as well as german-style smoke deflectors & double exhaust for the BR liveries (LNER versions of this unlock in 1969 if you want to use them to reflect Flying Scotsman and heritage railways.)
Full aging and recolour support. Detailed dirt and rust accumulates as the engine ages.
Engines are sorted in depot menus to reduce purchase menu clutter.
Reverse variants of all included engines.
Small file size (~100mb) and .dds compressed textures, to help with load speed.
Lods to reduce GPU load (Meshes are ~ 43k tris as well – should be potato PC-friendly)
Placeable rail assets (also with lods) allowing placement of the full engine, or just the tender or locomotive if you wish.
Moddable engine numbers – edit the number of the train and the number will display on the side of the locomotive.


LNER A1 4-6-2 (all variants)
Available from 1922
Available until 1935
Top Speed: 160 kph
Power: 1500kW
Tractive Effort: 132kN
Weight 161t

LNER A3 4-6-2 (all variants)
Available from 1928 (additional liveries and variants will unlock over time)
Available until 2100
Top Speed: 160 kph
Power: 1700kW
Tractive Effort: 146kN
Weight 161t

Credits: Green Ranger (aka Gr1m)

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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