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LNER Class EE1 was an electric locomotive developed by the NER in 1922, and fell into LNER use in 1923. This was to run on the electrified northern sections of the old NER lines, along side EF1 and EF2 freight locomotives.

The EE1 and siblings were inspired by foreign traction from the europes, and made a decent attempt to break into the UK scene.

However, these absolute scenes weren’t to last for the EE1, who proved to be expensive, unreliable and I personally think they just preferred the steamers back then.

Anyways, so the loco was sent off to be scrapped or whatever they did back then, but for some reason, the loco was kept in existence into the 1950s… when it was scrapped.

Real facts from Babylon218:
Also, with regards to electrification: it was still regarded as experimental in the 1920s, and the limited electrification on the NER was the pet project of (I believe) the NER’s Chief Mechanical Engineer. The gains weren’t considered sufficient compared to the costs of electrification, and the LNER was very concerned with keeping costs down. It wasn’t until the Woodhead electrification in the late 30s (finished post-war) that Gresley got support from the LNER Board to experiment with electrification again. Then, when BR took over, the Loco had been in storage for decades, poorly maintained, non-standard (being a prototype) and ultimately the EM2s on the Woodhead Line could match it for performance even if BR ended up adopting the LNER 15kv DC electric system over the 25kv AC system that was ultimately chosen.

Stats that matter:
Speed: 65mph
Power: 1700hp
T/E: 24,000lb/f
Available: 1922 – 1950

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Credits: SteveM4

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