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Lner 4-4-2 Atlantics Set Transport Fever 2

In the latter part of the 19th century, express trains were getting longer, heavier and slower. The reason they were getting slower is that the ‘Single’ locomotives, produced by Patrick Stirling, were not up to chuff with the trains of the era. Even when run double head, they could not haul the longer trains fast enough due to the added weight of the second locomotive.

This mod has had a major update. Here’s the changes for those interested:
Fix: Black smoke out of cylinders
Fix: Chimney smoke misaligned
Fix: Piston animation at wrong timing
Change: Power/Tractive Efforts stats to reflect the real engines
Change: 8 Wheeled tender on Large Atlantic replaced with 6 Wheel model
Revised: Textures on both engines
Revised: Positioning of tender and body
Revised: Mesh for small boilered Atlantic
Added: New soundsets
Added: Dynamic side numbers
Added: Advanced emissions

Once again this mod has had a major update, so here goes:
Fix: Availability dates for GNR Atlantics
Added: LNER liveries of GNR Atlantics
Added: NER Raven Class Z & LNER C7
Added: LNER C9 ‘Boosted’ Atlantic

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: SteveM4

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