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LMS Period 3 Coaches Transport Fever 2

Semi fictional LMS “Period 3” Carriage for TpF2 – My first mod!

Available in LMS (from 1930) and BR Blood & Custard (from 1948) Liveries.
Max Speed 80mph
Cargo Types: Passengers
Capacity: 20

Known issues and caveats:
There are windows on the ends. I could remove them, but it makes a nice addition to the end of the train and you don’t really see them when two coaches are coupled together.
This mod is semi-fictional, as I couldn’t find drawings for a non-brake version of the carriage I wanted to model. Thus, I based this on the blueprints for the brake coach.
Due to the high tri-count (11.5k) I have not included seats or passengers.

Potential Future Additions:
Late LMS, BR Maroon and BR Blue/Grey liveries.
Seats (although unlikely)

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: PlaneSimple

Download Link #1

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