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LMS No 10000 & 10001 Co-Co Diesel Transport Fever 2

Wait this isn’t an obscure steam engineNo, this isn’t a steam engine at all… send help.

This looks like a black Class 44 mate, what is this?
These Co-Co ‘twins’ built by the LMS mere weeks before nationalisation were probably the last locomotives produced by the LMS.

These two huge diesels, No’s 10000 & 10001 were designed to pull the crack express trains on the LMS, including the Royal Scot.

However, with nationalisation, these engines were moved around a bit to see where they really fitted in, and how they compared with the other early diesels of the 1950s (including the Fell Mechanical 4-8-4).

In the end it turns out they worked best for the duty they were made for and then worked hard pulling express trains right up until 1960 when they didn’t.

The twins originally carried a black and silver paint scheme with 3D embossed letting and numbers. When ownership was taken by BR, the black was kept, and the 3D lettering was removed, and a BR logo was slapped on the side but not quite in the middle. It looked a bit trash tbh.

When the 50s came marching on, the engines received the customary mainline green (and eventually yellow ends) of the rest of the diesel stock, and were classified as Class D16/1. They never made it to TOPS classes (but would’ve been a Class 34).

Alright, so an obscure experimental diesel, so what’s in this mod then.
In this mod, you will receive:

LMS No. 10000 in LMS Silver and Black
LMS No. 10001 in LMS Silver and Black
LMS Co-Co Diesel with dynamic numbers (silver and black duh)
BR Class D16/1 in BR Green with yellow ends and dynamic numbers

If you want stats read Wikipedia, I pulled them from there.

Custom sounds too, just for added flavour.

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: SteveM4

Download Link #1

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