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LMS High Pressure Fury Transport Fever 2

This engine was built upon the chassis of the Royal Scot class, however the boiler was anything but ordinary. With 3 steam circuits, one operating at over 1000psi, the engine was designed to push steam locomotive technology to the limit, however, a high pressure pipe burst lethally in the cab, and called short the testing and advancements of Fury.

However, in the game, this thing works really well. Like, the map moves backwards when this pulls off.

In this pack you get 1 (one) locomotive:
LMS High Pressure ‘Fury’

However don’t be scared if repaints and rebuilds show up because I can get like that sometimes. It was rebuilt as a Scot in 1935 so that may worm its way into your game.

Because this is a game, you get this absolute unit right up until nationalisation in 1948.

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: SteveM4

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