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Lively Polly Transport Fever 2

What is it though. Interesting history?
Kinda. This was a steam engine owned by the Liverpool Overhead railway, and was used to run around the tracks for permanent way staff and to fix things when the electric went.

It survived until the 1950s when it was broken up. There were a few of these small Kitson engines knocking about industrial parks and the like.

This mod includes:
Lively Polly in black, accurate to the photograph. Livery is basically unknown (probably was black tbh)

Lively Polly in green. My best guess at how this would have looked in a basic green livery popular in the 1880s.

Lively Polly in BRIGHT BLUE AND WHITE. Since I use this everywhere, I painted my own version using the font I use everywhere and that blue colour I like. Let me have this.

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: SteveM4

Download Link #1

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