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LB&SCR Jenny Lind 2-2-2 Transport Fever 2

London, Brighton & South Coast Railway ‘Jenny Lind’ 2-2-2

This is a model of the London Brighton and South Coast railway ‘Jenny Lind’ engine, designed by David Joy. The first mass-produced locomotive, the Jenny Lind was not only widely popular and well known for being a fast, reliable and economical light express and exceptionally smooth running and stable – particularly in an era where engines were notorious for being anything but – the Jenny Lind was so popular that it was produced for a number of other railways as well, and several imitation designs were built elsewhere. The ‘Jenny Lind’ was influential on locomotive design in the UK for decades afterwards.


Comes complete with:
-Two versions – the 2-2-2 tender Jenny Lind, and a 2-2-2 Craven-influenced well tank engine.
-Colour tinting,
-Four versions of each – two variants of weather board visors, one without, and a version with a cab.
-Reversed versions of the above,
-Group menu in rail depot to reduce clutter,
-Placeable rail asset for both engines and tender.
-Animated rodsStats

LB&SCR ‘Jenny Lind’ 2-2-2

Available: 1850-1882
Top Speed: 80 kph
Weight: 35T
Power: 200kW
Tractive Effort: 28kN

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Credits: Gr1m

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