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LB&SCR D2 Class 0-4-2 Transport Fever 2

This is a model of the London Brighton and South Coast railway D2 Class engine, designed by William Stroudley were a reliable and capable class of locomotive. Employed on express passenger services and heavy express freight alike, the D2 class was essentially a tender version of Stroudley’s D1 Class tank engine in order to allow the engine to service more long range routes. Like most of Stroudley’s engines, the D2 was incredibly well built and capable of pulling surprisingly heavy loads. Their versatility, build quality and impressive power allowed them to run as late as 1907.


Comes complete with:
-Colour tinting,
-Reversed variants,
-Group menus in rail depot to reduce clutter,
-Placeable rail assets.

Included Liveries:
-LBSCR Improved Engine Green
-LBSCR Freight Olive
-LBSCR Umber
-LBSCR Freight Black
-SR Early Green
-SR Black
-SR Late Green
-BR Green
-BR BlackStats

Available: 1876-1907
Top Speed: 80 kph
Weight: 59T
Power: 350kW
Tractive Effort: 55kN

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Credits: Gr1m

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