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LB&SCR B1 Class 0-4-2 Transport Fever 2

This is a model of the London Brighton and South Coast railway B1 Class engines, designed by William Stroudley. Known as ‘Gladstones’, the B1 was essentially a larger, heavier D2 class, and pulled the heaviest expresses – including full Pullman services – reliably and capably, and at high speeds, with reports of one engine all but reaching 80mph (130kph) in an attempt to make up lost time. A total of 36 were built, with the last example being withdrawn in 1933. One example, No 214 Gladstone, has been preserved.


Comes complete with:
-Colour tinting,
-Reversed variants,
-Group menus in rail depot to reduce clutter,
-Placeable rail assets.

Included Liveries:
-LBSCR Improved Engine Green
-LBSCR Freight Olive
-LBSCR Umber
-LBSCR Freight Black
-SR Early Green
-SR Black
-SR Late Green
-BR Green
-BR BlackStats

Available: 1882-1933
Top Speed: 96 kph
Weight: 64T
Power: 600kW
Tractive Effort: 58kN

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Credits: Gr1m

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