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L Aigle 2-4-0 Transport Fever 2

In the 1850s, if you wanted to build a big-fast steam loco, you probably needed to pay a lot of money to a bloke called Crampton to do so. Two utter lads thought ‘nah mate we can do better’ and then went about building L’Aigle with NINE FEET DRIVING WHEELS.

However, physics thought their design sucked so it wasn’t very good, but looked boss. It went on display at the Paris Exhibition in 1855, and ran until the 1860s until it didn’t.

About the mod
This mod is fully modelled from scratch, and thusly I am very protective of it, this is my baby.

The textures look better than the in-game screenshots, I just run with PS1 level graphics.

This model supports full colouring, dirt and rust
The mod also includes Gr1m style assets, with separate tender and loco, and one that pollutes.

The stats are buffed from real life, as the actual engine had like 37hp and in TpF2 it can barely move itself with that, so it has about 150hp, and 5,000lb/f of tractive effort.

In French units:
111kw (ish)
22Kn of TORQUE
72kmh (good luck reaching it)

I really hope you like this mod, a lot of polygons went into it. I probably won’t throw myself into the deep end next time because as locomotives go, its an odd one.

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Credits: SteveM4

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