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Kitson-Still-Diesel Hybrid Transport Fever 2

This is the Kitson-Still Steam-Diesel hybrid locomotive. It was a design intended for the LNER, but they never bought it from the manufacturer.

The concept of this locomotive was to combine the high-torque of a steam locomotive with the high RPM power of a diesel (of 1928). A sound idea actually, and if executed well would probably have been very successful.

Key words: ‘executed well’.

This engine was a flop and an utter failure and was scrapped in under 10 years.

Then why did you spend hours making it for Transport Fever 2 you idiot?

1: Because it was fun to learn about
2: A nice challenge to make
3: My workshop is full of one-off engines and failures so the set didn’t feel complete

The stats of the engine in-game are the actual output of the loco, so don’t come crying in the comments if it’s awful because it was.

For you gaming pleasure, I set the end year to 0, which in TpF2 means infinity.

As I am talking about features:
Steam particle effects
Diesel and steam running sounds
Dynamic numbers on the bunker
Fully animated drive system (you better appreciate this bit it was very difficult)

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: SteveM4

Download Link #1

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