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The map your royal Cims deserve

This map is:
a) unconventional
b) way too detailed
c) not flat at all
d) requiering dependencies
e) all of the above.

Kings Valley is 100% hand drawn, with details in every corner. No All imagination and clicks!

Water features
Fine tuned water flow of 11 rivers with mountain lakes in the backcountry.
The main river flows until a levee diverts it into a long bypass canal. You will have to restore the original flow by digging a link canal. Also among your tasks: Creating a large marina and small boats canal in the dry river bed.

River harbour
There is a very appropriate area further downstream for you to build a large river harbour, which is close to industrial suitable sites that has complete highway and rail access.

If you were to visit Kings Valley in real life, you wouldn’t be alone. With 6 castle ruins, a 2x2km parliment hill and a natural amphiteather just downhill from the Silverview palace plateau, it’s very likely that your detailing skills will be challenged!

Small towns and rural suroundings
Kings Valley was designed with the idea that even on vanilla or 25tiles mod, you would still get a pretty decently filled map for a realistic look and feel. Nonetheless, just use 81 tiles and play one tile at a time! The idea behind the map conception is that agriculture can stand strong against urban sprawl. Of course, in a context where royal families are involved, such restrictions or reservations are easy to figure.

Transport features
Because most road and rail networks are owned by the government, I found realistic to lay down so much prior to uploading the map. Altough it takes away some freedom at first look, you may bulldoze as much as you want and swivel things around to your wish! Plan your train stations early in order to use this sophisticated rail network wisely. Usage of closed regional > local cargo transfers will pay off…

Rail connections : 9
Road connections : 5
1 ship connection in the lake to the west
1 airway flying east-west in the southern portion of the map
There’s a 2x3km area east of Merryland where you can deforest and build your airport.

Contaminated sites
You will find 3 sites where old factories were left abandoned. You will eventually have to decontaminate it to gain access to these prime locations.

Credits: Deeheks

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