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Karosa C 734 is a model of the line intercity bus produced by Karosa Vysoké Mýto between 1981 and 1997. It is the successor of the line version of the Š, the car Šl 11.
The C 734 bus has become the basic model of the new 700. It is a two -axle car with a square, semi -samon -sized body of a panel structure. The engine is located behind the rear axle, in the rear panel. Between the axles under the body there is a luggage compartment with a capacity of 3.5 m³. The front axle from Liaz has independently suspended wheels, the rigid rear comes from the Hungarian company Rába. The hot -water heating is powerful, but at temperatures less than 0 ° C, the car has difficulty drowning. There are also problems with ventilation at high temperatures, because the sliding parts are found only on two windows on the right side and at the three on the left. Thus, the onslaught ventilation from two fans cannot effectively replace the air. There are two two -leaf tilting doors in the right side. Both are approximately as wide, the first are located in front of the front axle, the second is located in the middle of the car. Passenger seats are located 2+2 with medium aisle.
The C 734 (like other 700 series variants) have undergone many modifications during production, which were to ensure better operability of these buses (especially new, more powerful engines).

Karosa C 744 is an intercity articulated bus produced by Karosa Vysoké Mýto in 1988–1992 (functional sample as early as 1983).
Bus C 744 is structurally derived from the standard line version Karosa C734. The aim was the maximum unification with all cars of the new 700 series, which allowed better availability of spare parts. C 744 is a three -axle bus with a half -axle body of a panel structure. It consists of two parts that are connected to each other by joint and cover bellows. The drive axle (rear) is driven by the engine behind it, under the floor of the passenger salon. The front axle Liaz has independently suspended wheels, medium and rear axles are rigid and comes from the Hungarian company Raba. For passengers, three -winged hinged doors are designed for approximately the same width. In the front article there are two doors, the third is located behind the joint. The seats in the interior of the car are located 2+2 with a middle aisle.

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