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On Transport Fever it is not possible to assign to each unit a unique serial number (like UIC identification numbers) because the game engine loads and generates the model once when loading the game, and after that the model remains static on memory. It’s possible to randomize somehow the numbering at the beggining, but after that it remains the same across all the models of the same unit. That means that all the locomotives of the same model will show the same number during the game.

KAMINARI NUMBERS is a mod script that allows to print random serial numbers on similar models without the need of duplicating model files.


  • Place numbers and uppercase letters over any model (trains, planes, trucks, buildings, …).
  • Show different numbers or letters across all the same models placed on map, creating the sensation that every model has its own identification number.
  • Create lists of consecutive numbers, from a starting number to a final one (i.e. from 30 to 59).
  • Cicle through numbers consecutively or randomly.
  • Create lists of identification numbers that combines letters and numbers, being able to randomize each position from a list of allowed characters.
  • Create your own list of identification numbers manually.
  • The last number assigned on each unit is persisted when saving and quitting the game and loading it after.
  • Paint the letters with any color, either RGB or descriptive (i.e. “white”, “darkblue”, …)
  • Letters become dirt over the time.
  • Change the size, position and rotation of the letters.

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: Kaminari

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