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JRF M250 Series Super Rail Cargo Transport Fever 2

The M250 series train is a freight train manufactured in 2002 for the purpose of promoting modal shift, and is the first power distribution type vehicle for JR freight.
It has been in operation since 2004 under the nickname “SUPER RAIL CARGO”.

Date:From 2004
Mc250-1+M250-1 Control motor vehicle
T260+T261 Container wagon
M251-2+Mc250-2 Control motor vehicle Reversible

Power:1760kw (Mc250+M250)
Tractive effort:168kN
Weight:77t (Mc250+M250)
Capacity:22 (Mc250 + M250) / 44 (T260 + T261) U54A type 31ft M250 series dedicated container loading.
Carry type:plastic, food, tools, machines, goods.

For formation, select a vehicle with ALL. T260 + T261 can also be selected by freight car.
(Mc250 + M251) + (T260 + T261) x6 + (M251 + Mc250) is the standard organization,Freely organize the number of container car units and sandwich them between control motor car units.

Credits: ejtkhs

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