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JRF DF200 Diesel Locomotive Transport Fever 2

JRF DF200 Diesel Locomotive mod for Transport Fever 2.

The DF200 diesel locomotive is an electric diesel locomotive manufactured by Japan Freight Railway Company (JRF) since 1992.
Developed in 1992 with the aim of eliminating double-heading and replacing aging vehicles due to the constant need for double-heading operation due to insufficient output of the DD51 type and the aging of vehicles due to the harsh climate of Hokkaido.

Date, from : 1992 ~(No.0s) 1999~(No.50s)
Power (kW) : 2494(No.0s)/2520(No.50s)
Tractive effort (kN) : 294
Speed (km/h) : 110
Weight (t) : 96

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: ejtkhs

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