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JREast 400 Series Shinkansen Transport Fever 2

The JR East Series 400 Shinkansen is a high-speed train that was first manufactured in 1991. It is characterized by its small size so that it can directly connect to the Ōu Main Line, which is a conventional railway line, and it once set a Japanese record of 345 km/h at that time. It was retired in 2010 with the introduction of its successor, the E3 Series. This mod allows the use of the six-car S4 formation, a pre-production car and six-car L1 mass production conversion car.


  • Speed – 240km/h
  • Power – 5040kw(6cars)
  • Passenger – 113(6cars)


I plan to additional vehicles manufactured in 1995.

Credits: Pz.kpfw.7

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