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JR East Series KiHa100/110 DMU Transport Fever 2

The JR East KiHa100/110 is a DMU that was first manufactured in 1990. The Kiha 100/110 has two different variations, the KiHa100 with a 16-meter body and the KiHa110 with a 20-meter body, the former being built for regular trains and the latter for express trains. In this mod, the prototype KiHa100-1 and KiHa110-1 are available.


・Top Speed 110km/h
・Capacity 29 persons
・Power 242kW

・Top Speed 110km/h
・Capacity 16 persons
・Power 309kW

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: Pz.kpfw.7

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