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JNR TaKi 38000 and 40000 Tank Wagon Transport Fever 2

The Taki 38000 is a 35-ton tank car for transporting gasoline that was introduced in 1977 by Japan National Railways. It is the successor to the Taki 35000, which can also be used in branch lines, and has the same safety improvements as the Taki 40000 for main lines. In the aftermath of the 3.11 Tohoku Earthquake (Great East Japan Earthquake) in 2011, it was used as a special train to transport fuel to the affected areas.

The Taki 40000 is a 40-ton tank car for transporting gasoline that was introduced in 1975 by Japan National Railways. It was based on the Taki 43000 with enhanced safety features, and was used to transport gasoline on the main line system after transporting aviation fuel to Narita Airport.

In addition to the general-purpose version, it includes the Taki 38000 US Forces military aviation fuel transport (for Yokota Air Base) variant and the Taki 40000 transport version for Narita Airport aviation fuel. Both aviation fuel transport variants are FUEL ONLY.

* Cargo: Crude oil, Oil and Fuel (US Forces and Narita variant is Fuel only)
* Capacity:
** TaKi 38000: 18
** TaKi 40000: 20
* Car length:
** Taki 38000: 13.05 m
** Taki 40000: 13.90 m
* Avairable years:
** TaKi 38000: 1977 – 2014 (US Forces variant is 2009 – 2014)
** TaKi 40000: 1975 – 2014 (Narita Ariport variant is 1978 – 1983)
* Max speed: 75 km/h

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