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JNR TaKi 3000 Tank Wagon Transport Fever 2

The Taki 3000 is a 30-ton tank car for transporting gasoline that was introduced in 1947 by Japan National Railways. It was mainly privately owned by a number of companies, and became a popular oil tank car in Japan after WWII.

2021/09/13: MDL filename renamed (Added underscore, ex. “taki3000_nisseki01.mdl” to “taki3000_nisseki_01.mdl”). The vehicle needs to be replaced.

* Cargo: Crude oil, Oil and Fuel
* Capacity: 15
* Car length: 14.30 m
* Avairable years: 1947 – 2002
* Max speed: 75 km/h

Currently, the following variant are included in the pack. Other variants will be added in the future.

* Nippon Oil Corporation (Nisseki, NOC)
* Japan Oil Transport (JOT)
* NRS Corporation

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Credits: maya

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