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JNR Series 157 EMU Transport Fever 2

JNR Series 157 trains have been in operation since 1959. It was characterized by very luxurious interior facilities for its time, and provided services comparable to those of limited express trains, even though it was designed for semi-express service. However, the cars were not equipped with air-conditioning at the time of manufacture, and the windows were designed to open, so corrosion set in early, and the cars were withdrawn from service after 17 years, with the exception of one car.


  • Speed – 130km/h
  • Power – 775kW(2cars Power Unit)
  • Passenger capacity – 107(6cars) 35(2cars Power Unit) 21(SaHa157) 16(SaRo157)

I’d like to add that “one car only exception” sometime.

Credits: Pz.kpfw.7

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