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JNR HoKi 5700 Hopper Wagon Transport Fever 2

The Japanese National Railways’ HoKi 5700 is an hopper wagon for transporting cement with a 40-ton load that was introduced in 1965. The shape of the car body differed between those manufactured by Nippon Sharyo and Toyo Koki, and those manufactured by Nippon Sharyo were introduced in 1966. The number of cars produced was 626, making it the largest number of privately owned hopper cars in Japan.

* Cargo: Construction Materials only
* Capacity: 20
* Car length: 10.80 m
* Avairable years: 1966 – 2006
* Max speed: 75 km/h

Currently, the following variant are included in the pack.

* Chichibu Cement: 1966 – 2006
* Onoda Cement: 1966 – 2003

Credits: maya

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