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JNR EF58 Electric Locomotive Transport Fever 2

The EF58 type is an electric locomotive that remains in the history of Japanese railways. From 1946 to 1958, 172 cars were manufactured, and they were active in leading many limited express trains, express trains, luggage trains, etc., including the limited express ‘Tsubame’ and the Blue Train. The combination of a novel body that seems to be a post-war locomotive and a classic bogie frame that is an extension of pre-war technology is a feature of this locomotive.

Date:From 1946to2011 No.61 no end year.
EF58 5 standard color
EF58 47 known as the ‘AODAISHO’
EF58 50 standard color with eaves
EF58 61 royal train color
EF58 122 limited express color
EF58 122 brown

Tractive effort:102.5kN

Credits: ejtkhs

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