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JNR E10 Steam Locomotive Transport Fever 2

JNR E10 Steam locomotive Japanese National Railways E10 type steam locomotive

The last new steam locomotive of the Japanese National Railways. At the same time, it is also the largest tank locomotive in Japan.
When it first appeared, it was a cab-forward locomotive, but it was later remodeled into a normal locomotive.

Year of appearance (year): 1948
Top speed: 65km / h
Power: 1,340PS
Traction effort: 21694kgf

Version 2: 2020/02/17 Small changes in modeling, UV, and texture, and correction of useful life

Version 3: 2020/02/21 Change model output method, add variation in cab forward direction

2020/02/24 Fixed the error that occurs when used with some mods

2020/02/29 Fixed inconsistency between rod and driving wheel

2020/03/05 Added expression of surface distortion

Credits: Ak1

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