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JNR Class 8620 Transport Fever 2

Class 8620 is a type of 2-6-0 steam locomotive for passenger train, known as the oldest one among originally designed and mass-produced in Japan. As it was well suited to Japanese railways with many curves and gradients, it was used for a long long time, and amazingly this old man remained active until the end of the history of steam locomotives in Japan.Specification

Scenario: Asia
Top speed: 95km/h
Available: 1914-1975Future Plan

When I began to create mods I wanted to make Japanese train vehicles of various eras and types, and make available in all eras in the game. Now it is almost achieved, and also other modders have been joining to make great Japanese vehicles, so I decided to switch my modding target from train to others.
I’m not sure what to make next, but I’d like to create something to improve transport network, such as stations (especially elevated and curved ones), road intersections and junctions.

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Credits: nosrith

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