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Ingos Vegetation Transport Fever 2

This mod adds various plants to the game as a ground texture to paint on.
Some of the textures are intended for tropical maps, but there are also plants and grasses that can be useful for temperate or dry maps.

The following plants are included:
– Fern
– Cyprus grass
– Dry reeds
– Riverbank
– Switchgrass
– Cornflowers
– Tree roses
– Berry bush
– Tulips
– Orange flowers (gerbera / aster)
– Lilac
– Green meadow
– Meadow of flowers
– Dry meadow
– Tropical meadow (in two variants)
– Aloe vera
– Cotton
– Rice
– Tobacco
– Coffee
– Buckwheat
– Underwater plants
– Forest edge (bushes and shrubs as forest edge greening)
– Tropical jungle (small palm trees etc. as greening of tropical forests)

Also included in this mod is a brush with which you can create plantations, i.e. even rows of ground textures or trees.

Credits: Ingo-1111

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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