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The HŽ Series 2062 is a class of diesel-electric locomotives belonging to Croatian Railways (HŽ). They are examples of the EMD G26 locomotive series.
Prior to the breakup of Yugoslavia, when in use with JŽ these locos were classified as JŽ 664-0. Of the original 64 JŽ locomotives, 56 found their way to HŽ, with the remainder in use with ŽS.
HŽ have modernised 20 class 2062s, reclassifying them as 2062-1s. The work was carried out by Gredelj & Turner.
The main usage for 2062s is in Lika, Dalmatia, Istria with a few in Slavonia.
The -1 subclass is used only ( 99% time ) on Lika-Dalmatia services.
It is rare but not exclusive to see them on the railway towards the border with Serbia.


  • Adrii_95: 3D work,texture,script
  • SaintSlate: screenshots

Mod specification:

  • Realistic model with aging texture
  • High-resolution DDS textures (4k)
  • Original sound

Credits: Adrii_95

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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