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HR Jones Goods 4-6-0 Transport Fever 2

Designed by David Jones, the Class I ‘Jones Goods’ or ‘Big Goods’ was the most powerful main line engine in Great Britain at the time of their introduction. Originally intended for heavy freight duties, the Class I was so successful that it was also used on fast passenger services as well. 15 models were built, and they survived the Grouping, becomign a part of the LMS fleet for many years. All but one were scrapped by 1940, with number 103 set aside for preservation by the LMS. It was rebuilt to working order by British Railways and operated from 1959-1966 before being preserved in the Glasgow Museum of Transport – the only surviving Highland Railway locomotive.


Comes complete with:
-Colour tinting,
-Reversed engine,
-Group menu in rail depot to reduce clutter,
-Placeable rail asset for both engines and tender.
-Multiple liveries – Highland Railway pea green and Highland Railway Improved Engine Green. (This engine didn’t use this livery in service – however, No 103 wore this livery in preservation for a time.

Available: 1894-1940
Top Speed: 100 kph
Weight: 94T
Power: 900kW
Tractive Effort: 102kN

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Credits: Gr1m

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