How to Importing Maps into Minecraft

Newmods offers you thousands of free and fun Minecraft maps download links. You can easily download these maps by their subcategory. Subcategories: Adventure, Castle, City, Creation, CTM, Dropper, Edicational, Finding, Game, Horror, Maze, Parkour, Puzzle, PVE, PVP, Survival, Trivia and Variety. How to install downloaded maps on computer? Minecraft map installation commands for Windows, Mac OS, or Linux operating systems.

OS.minecraft Location
Mac OS~/Library/ApplicationĀ Support/minecraft
.minecraft Location Table

Step 1. How to download Minecraft maps?

Open a map you like by clicking on the Minecraft maps link. You will see the map’s features, pictures and the link needed to download the map. We can download the file by clicking on the map download link.

Step 2. Minecraft map installation location

Minecraft is an open world game. So the maps you download are actually saved game files. To install these files, open the Saves folder in the .minecraft folder.

If you are using the Windows operating system Start > Run > %APPDATA%\.minecraft
If you are using Mac OS operating system: Terminal > ~/Library/ApplicationĀ Support/minecraft
If you are using Linux : Terminal > ~/.minecraft

with commands, you can access the .minecraft folder.

Step 3. Importing map files to the game.

Copy Map Folder to .minecraft > Saves

Extract the compression file. Copy the map folder to .minecraft > Saves.

Step 4. Find the Imported map in the game.

Minecraft Select World screen

When we do the installation correctly, the new map appears in the worlds section.

We have done Minecraft maps import in 4 steps. Have fun!

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