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History Mod (Automatic Screenshot) Cities Skylines

History Mod (Automatic Screenshot) for Cities Skylines. Download with Steam Workshop.

HistoryMod: Create Timelapse of previous saves by automatically taking screenshots of various views!

Hi everyone!

So what’s this about ?

Well, if you are like me and kept a lot of different saves of your city during the process of creating it, guess what, it means you have history records!

So how to make something cool from this ? Well, I wanted to make a timelapse of the evolution of my city during my +300 saves that I kept.

You are like me ? Then this mod is made for you ! Here is the kind of result you can get:

FEATURES (Options):

  • Set as much camera views as wished and access them at any time
  • Make screenshot of all your views automatically on the press of a button
  • Take screenshot of all previous saves from different views automatically (Even if you have +300 saves, but be prepare to let your game run all the night then to take the screenshots)
  • Automatically export a CSL Map View when doing a screenshot session of the current loaded game or each saves too. If you have the mod.
  • Automatically take day/night or both screenshots of your views
  • Choose to take screenshot with current weather/time or with clean weather, day/night time or both
  • Set a reminder to suggest you to let the mod take the screenshots of the current game every x minutes.
  • Usefull filters to select only the saves you wish to load for the screenshot session (prefix, date before or after, ignore some saves, max number of saves, etc)
  • Automatically shutdown the game if wished after a screenshot session
  • Get clear log file of what is happening with the mod.
  • ShortCuts to add views or stop the process.
  • ShortCuts to see up to 9 of the saved views. (you can have infinite views and access them without the shortcuts)
  • Switch to night/day view by clicking on a button
  • Change weather to normal weather by clicking on a button
  • Choose the screenshots pictures names and folder or way of saving
  • Automatically retrieve a screenshot session if the game crashed to finish the job.
  • Discover or 
  • Start the screenshot session from a specific save.
  • On Windows, automatically restart the game during the screenshot session every x loaded saves, this is usefull if your game isn’t able to load a second save once it started due to mods.
  • On Windows, automatically restart the game if it crashed during the session

Long Tutorial video: (go below if you want text version)


Simply subscribe to the mod (+activate it/restart)

  1. Then, open any save you wish and go to the options of the mod:
    Add views, views are camera angle on specific locations that can be added, thus you can also see them at any point and there are saved on disk, even if you restart the game.
    – This can be use as a standalone option that allow you to always go back on differents views to look to your city, the mod use them to take the screenshots
  2. Once you added up to infinite number of views, set the following options:
    – Wich time of the day to screenshot ? Day, night or both ?
    – Include CSL MapView export ? This will produce a CSL Map export for every save, it’s a map that is like a metro map, learn more here: Discover the mod MOD REQUIRED for this feature to work.
    – What is the name of the screenshots files, or of the directory, so they are ordered as you wish.
  3. Then start the screenshot session by either:
    – Pressing on the button to screenshot only the current loaded game
    – Pressing the button to screenshot the current game and the previous saves of the city that meet the criteria you defined.
  4. Let the process do the screenshot, if you have 10-20 saves to load, it will take 10-40 minutes. But if like me you got like 400 different saves of your current city, well, please have a look on the video or read all the mod options explanations carefully to ensure the game doesn’t crash during the process, specially if you play modded.

Credits: microscraft

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